Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Deep Heart

Hye Assalamualaikum :')
Hmmm this entry might be emotional a little and might be the most mean to me :')
Yes obviously yess!
Hmm kalau dulu im trying to forget him.I know its not going to work, I know.So, aku take decision untuk lupakan dia no matter what happpen :'/ And yess finally I did it! I try, if bukak twitter,i try myself to avoid from seeing his, And yes I did it :') Trying to ingnore him try to DONT LOOK AT HIM!
I did it, but it's just for a while :/
Satu malam, which nite i cant sleep because i keep thingking about my  Iphone apps, ID blaa .. blaa.. obviously it getting on my nerves you know! ==" really bad.So, aku pun try surf banyak website :') And finally I did it! So happy feel! Really :')
Tapi masa tu semua orang dah tido i try to make a call viber tapi failed! Semua orang tido.So, i try to asking my kazen, and he got a viber :') And we got a ch at a litle about future :')
And secara tak semana mena, He respond my tweet, I cakap "Whatapps tada tape,tapi Viber ade awesome!"
And He respond "ehem,viber tak kene bayar?"
Than from that moment, He downloading The Viber.And asked me to teach him how to used it!
Ohmaiiigodddd! Okay It thought it just fr awhile Then I said okay ~
Then when He done with it He sent a messange viber.To say thanks bla. blaa... and ahe asked me how to make free viber call.Then I show him how ~
And tak semena mena, HE CALLED ME!
then i picked it up ~
Then we've got a chat chat chat chat chat ~
We do talk about ourselves, about the past, now and the future! Hmm honestly i never make a call with a guy.And He is THE FIRST ONE! OMG OMG!
And suddenly He Picked up his guitar sing song to me! OMAIGOD! OMAIII OMAIII! I really freezes im feel like im will be blasted ! Then we continue talk talk and talk ~ Hmmmm He do praised me aloot! A lot ! An he said to me that He never praised people like he did to me :")
OMAIGOD! Then he sang a song again but he asked me to sang along with him :'? *freezed*
Hmm He talk about me a lot :') He laugh,make his fake cough "uhuk uhuk" and make some cute voice and called himself "TELLETUBBIES"
He also buat suara Pig Angry Bird ==" But kinda cute he did it :')
Imagine, we start call from 2.30 until 6.30!
Crazy isnt it!
Yes then we decided to stop,
One word i can remember till now
"Aku takut kalau aku suka kau nanti,nanti aku berada di awangan"
Yess I remember that!
Okay, honestly aku terlalu banyak sangat jujur dengan dia :/ aku teruus terang dengan dia, tapi i cover mana mana yang patut :D
Okay, He's very charming and if dia tanya apa apa, aku cuba untuk jawab! Even benda tu isu yag sensitive.And dia sangat daring!! His care make overwhelmed you know! Omaigod! I never felt this way before!
But I realised i must forget him! I must! Sebab if aku go on, its not going to work at all!
Yess! Lagipun, he got someone else, tapi dia ckp dengan aku,dia tade feel dgn org tuu =="
Aku selalu bukak fb dia, and I saw gambar mereka :') Trying to be chill.And ramai orang yang like gambar mereka,so aku rase macam takut nak texting or say something to him :"(
For sure, I must forget him! I must! 
One word I want you know, 
" I never felt this way before.You drag me in your love! First in my life everrr! Yes, i really adoree you! Really do, but i must step back because  I dont want to hurt myself someday, and I do love myself muchhh! You're so daringgg :') Yes I Love you muchhh! You're the one that make me feel like this, I never felt this way before in mylife, :') Take Care dear!"
Hmm i know he kinda busy now, but its okay! My oppurtunity trying to forget HIM!
Ya Allah, bantulah hambu ini ya Allah :'(

And bout this i never told anyone about this! Never! And tada sorang pun yang tahu.Cukup rapi aku simpan pasal dia dihati ku :')