Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Peaceful come into me ! ♥

ehem ! hye , hahahha ! tader idea nk tulis ap di pendahuluan *like must set the essay jerk an , kner berpendahuluan , padahal post new entry jerp , kah5 ,

okeh , peaceful has come into me when my cousin had made promise to me to hang out together ! yeahhhhh , miss our moment together , we dont meet each other for ages ! really ,
Futhermore , dy takkder fb , bkn dy takknak buat, tpy her dad takk bg dy lesen daa~
She the cousin i Love Mostt! hik5 , We will wacthing movie at cinema for sure ! hey , syafiqah and our konco2 , Lets Doing the stuff like the other teenagers do out there ! okehh

p/s :: pka dear , klaw dahh buatt fb , add aq taw , aq yang first , klaw takk , aq blasa kaw !*kaw pk kaw sorangg jerp bole blasa aq ? , kah5


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