Monday, July 26, 2010

what the hal ya!

evry0ne in earth is not perfect ryte???
but,,why still the other people keep complain about us,,
lbih lgy those who like "back talker"if you all ta puas aty k,,
ap k...or watever involve me,,just talk,,,i totally angry th0se who talk back about me,,,ta puas aty,,face to face,,ckp blkg brani!ble na face to face tkot!taw tkott!!!
klaw da taw tkot n taw dry tuh ta braper na perfect,,,knper still nk jge tpy kain org,,
jge tpy kain sndiri sudah,, busybody!!why huh?!do think that you r perfect enough to complain about the other people????
pk diri sndiri tuh bgoss sgt,,klaw da ta taw ap2 urh,,diam!ta taw bwat cre ta taw,,
klaw ta sker,,bwat cre ta sker..jgn bwat2 sker..ta pyah na blak0n,o talam,,
act like f0ol pe0ple,,wat for???

totally ta pham,,knper dkt dnia neyh ad org mcm tuhh,,
pk dry sndiri bg0s,,complain bout the other people...
ckp dpn ta per,,ne ta ckp blkg??
wat the hall???


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